Our Mission and Vision

Wingpact is a global community of investors and entrepreneurs whose vision is to create a more gender inclusive world. We have come together to encourage other women to identify their passion, determine their purpose and unleash their fullest potential.
To further this vision, Wingpact is working to inspire and mobilize women angel investors and entrepreneurs. We have written the first book for women about angel investing and provide programs to unleash women’s financial power and create community for women investors and entrepreneurs.
Wingpact lives by Five Core Values (I5):

Influence:  We Influence the global community by bringing more women forward
Inspire:  We Inspire each other and all women to access their greatest talents and skills 

Innovate: We create and support Innovation that disrupts the biased status quo

Invest:  We Invest for the long-term, both financially and socially 

Impact:  We seek Impact that creates equality and makes the world a better place 

Suzanne Andrews

Jagruti Bhikha

Karen Bairley Kruger

Christine Emilie Lim

Wingee Sin

Hana Yang

The Team