Suzanne Andrews on Me Tyme Networks

Book launch of Impact With Wings.

Interview with Suzanne Andrews co-founder of Wingpact a global community of investors and entrepreneurs whose vision is to create a more gender inclusive world. Wingpact encourages other women to identify their passion, determine their purpose and unleash their fullest potential.

Investing in Emerging Markets with Christine Emilie Lim

Hot investing trends in emerging economies.

In this session, learn about the trends, opportunities and challenges in investing in emerging economies from an angel investor who researchers global social impact investing. Impact With Wings (the first female angel investor book) co-author Christine Emilie Lim will discuss the concept of diaspora investing and how for-profit investments in developing countries can have a major social impact in reshaping communities for the better.

Raising the Next Generation of Women Investors and Entrepreneurs with Jagruti and Priya Bhikha

Mother-daughter investment team making an impact.

From a mother-daughter angel investment team perspective, join our month's theme on how one generation is mentoring the next generation to be better equipped women investors and entrepreneurs. Join a candid conversation with the exceptional mother-daughter team of Jagruti Bhikha, Founding Partner of Wingpact, and Priya Bhikha, Angel Investor, about their investment portfolio strategy, their vision of the future and what they are doing to make an impact on the angel investment world.

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