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About Wingpact's Wine

Winemaking has traditionally - and still is - an industry dominated by men. Strides are being made, however, as 50% of recent graduates from California's top enology programs have been women ( However, women are still not managing to crack the seemingly un-shatterable wine glass ceiling. According to winemaker Katie Wetzel Murphy, "the barrier that still hasn't been broken is the one around the higher positions [within wineries], such as president or chairman or CEO." And while the U.S. is the largest winemarket in the world, with 90% of the U.S. market being produced in California, only 10% of California wine makers are women. 


Why such a gender imbalance? One explanation is that throughout history, women have been excluded from the culture around wine. For example, in ancient Egypt, only men were entombed with wine because it was believed that women "would get drunk and become deviants in the afterlife," states Ann B. Matasar in her oenophiles-must-read book Women of Wine. If you think that's a bit acidic, there's more: In Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries, the only women allowed into taverns and cabarets were prostitutes. Fermented thinking to say the least. And still more: the Jurade de Saint-Emilion, France's 800-year-old wine "brotherhood," only began permitting women --hold on to your decanters -- in the year 2000. 


Craving a glass with stronger notes of equality? We can change this gender imbalance by purchasing wine from women-founded wineries and/or women winemakers! 




Sharon Harris's Rarecat Wines in Rutherford, California, has joined forces with Wingpact to support women-initiated ventures. Purchase a bottle or two, and know that your money is supporting women in a multitude of varietals -- from the winery owner to the label designer to our female-feuled company with a mission, Wingpact.